This book contains eight generations of descendants of Juan de Tamez. Juan was born in Villa de Llanes, Asturias, Spain. He entered El Nuevo Reino de Leon (Nuevo Leon) prior to prior to 1681. On that year he married his first wife Nicolasa Flores de Abrego at Hacienda de San Francisco, nowadays Apodaca, Nuevo Leon. His second wife was Estefania de Morales and his third and final wife was Antonia de Montes de Oca. Juan is the progenitor of the Tamez surname in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Texas. This book contains information from the 1680s through the1950s.

To date I have only been able to find two children for Juan. The first one is Joseph Juan Antonio de Tamez who was born June 27, 1683, in the Valley de la Pesqueria, nowadays Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He married Catarina de Rodriguez Montemayor, and both made their home the Valley of Guajuco in what present day is Santiago and El Cercado, Nuevo Leon.  

The other child I was able to find was Manuel Tamez who married first Juana de Espino and then Isabel Rodriguez de Montemayor. Unfortunately, both marriage records do not mention that names of the parents. I only know that he is the son of Juan de Tamez because on the marriage dispensation dated March 12, 1779, of his granddaughter Maria Gertrudis Tamez, it is mentioned that he is the son of Juan de Tamez and brother of Juan Antonio de Tamez. Since I am not sure which of Juan’s three wives is the correct mother of his, in this book you will find him listed with no mother.

I searched the archives of Monterrey for any mentions of Juan and found three. On April 1, 1682, he is mentioned in the Will of his brother-in-law Pedro Flores de Abrego where he instructs his executors to pay to his “hermano” the money owed for clothing his Indians.  On April 2, 1683, there is a declaration where it is mentioned that he is a neighbor of Monterrey but “Labrador” in Saltillo. Then in August 1684 he is a witness in the Will of Pedro de al Rosa Salinas. Finally, he is mentioned in the will of his mother in-law dated August 30, 1692. She mentions that when Juan married her daughter Nicolasa, she did not bring a dowry but was allowed to take advantage of their Hacienda Las Mesillas for two years. She then instructs her executors to pay Juan Antonio, the son of Juan and Nicolasa, what is owed to him. Thanks to this record we can safely assume that Manuel is not the son of Nicolasa but of either Estefania or Antonia.

I truly hope that you find this book useful in your research. Also keep in mind that this book is just a tool, it is still your responsibility to find copies of records and verify my work. In this, I have attempted to include citations for every fact listed in this book so that you may know where my information came from and for you to find records faster.

Tamez: Last Names of Nuevo Leon


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