This 454-page book contains seven generations of descendants of Juan Francisco Perez de Moya and Josefa de Treviño. It is unknown if Juan was born in El Nuevo Reino de Leon (Nuevo Leon), but he first appears in 1696 as a witness in a document. Juan is the progenitor of the Moya surname in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Texas. This book contains information from the 1690s through the early 1900s.

I have yet to find a document that mentions and proofs the names of his parents. In the book “Protocolos de Cadereyta” by Don Guillermo Garmendia Leal on pg. 4 there is an extract for the will of Maria Lopez de Jaen who was married to Lorenzo Perez de Moya. It is mentioned that she was the tutor of Fraile Juan Perez de Moya who was left under her dominion. The issue that I have is that she says that Juan was a “Fraile” which means friar. Our Juan, it seems that by this time, was a Captain. Also, people usually label themselves as tutors when they raise children that are not their own. What this means is that Friar Juan Perez de Moya was the son of Lorenzo Perez de Moya but not the son of Maria Lopez de Jaen. I may be wrong about this. To confuse things further she mentions “le entregue cuando contrajo nupcias”. “I gave to him when he married”, is she talking about Fraile Juan getting married? Or is she talking about her husband?

Also, on almost all the records our Juan is mentioned as Juan Perez de Moya but on the marriage record of his son Pedro Perez de Moya he is mentioned as Juan Francisco Perez de Moya. Could it be that there were two? One a Fraile named Juan Perez de Moya and the other a Captain named Juan Francisco Perez de Moya. If so, could they be related?

I mention the above so you can be careful and not jump the gun to add Lorenzo and Maria Lopez as the parents of Juan. More research needs to be conducted to either prove the parentage. A simple online search will tell you that they are the parents, but those claims are unsupported or mention the above record as proof, which I believe is not enough proof.

Juan Francisco married Josefa de Treviño who was the daughter of Nicolas de Treviño and Maria Garcia de Sepulveda. In total I have been able to confirm six children for them.

From what I found, Juan Francisco was a witness to several records of the presidio of Cadereyta and most of his children married in El Valle del Guaxuco, nowadays Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

I wish I had more to tell you about the background of Juan Perez de Moya and Josefa, but unfortunately due to the lack of records for them, this is all that I have.

I truly hope that you find this book useful in your research. Also keep in mind that this book is just a tool, it is still your responsibility to find copies of records and verify my work. In this, I have attempted to include citations for every fact listed in this book so that you may know where my information came from and for you to find records faster. Buy Book

Moya: Last Names of Nuevo Leon


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