This 397-page book contains four generations of Rodriguez focusing on the descendants of Diego Rodriguez and his wives Sebastiana de Treviño Quintanilla and Isabel Arredondo. Diego entered El Nuevo Reyno de Leon (Nuevo Leon) in 1596 and was among the founding families of Monterrey. Diego is considered the progenitor of the Rodriguez surname in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Texas. This book contains information from the 1500s through the early 1700s.

Diego Rodriguez was born around 1566 probably in Mexico City and married Sebastiana on or about 1584. No documents about his birth and marriage have been found. His parents were Baltazar de Sosa and Maria Ines Rodriguez. His maternal grandparents were Diego de Montemayor and Ines Rodriguez.

His first wife was Sebastiana de Treviño Quintanilla, the daughter of Juan de Farias and Maria de Treviño. Her maternal grandparents are Diego de Treviño and Beatriz de Quintanilla.

In 1596 Diego and Sebastiana were among the founding families of Monterrey. Another wife of Diego is Isabel Arredondo, but I have not found anything on her. Diego also had an illegitimate daughter named Andrea Rodriguez who married Fernan Blas Perez.

He made a Will in Monterrey before February 26, 1626, since on that date he made an update to two clauses in his Will. The full Will has not been located. We can safely assume that he died after February 26, 1626.

As of the writing of this book I have not located any male descendants of Diego Rodriguez. So how is he the progenitor of the Rodriguez surname? Let me explain.

His daughter Monica Rodriguez married, her half 1st cousin 1x removed, Miguel de Montemayor. Miguel was the son of Alberto del Canto and Estefania de Montemayor. All the children of Miguel and Monica adopted the Rodriguez or Montemayor surnames or a combination of both as Rodriguez de Montemayor. Later generations dropped “de Montemayor” and just kept Rodriguez.

In my database I have over 66,000 descendants for Deigo Rodriguez. This book only contains a fraction of them, it only includes the first four generations of descendants.

I truly hope that you find this book useful in your research. Also keep in mind that this book is just a tool, it is still your responsibility to find copies of records and double check my work. In this, I have attempted to include citations for every fact listed in this book so that you may know where my information came from and for you to find records faster.


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